Past Exhibits

Oil & Water
Bob Mueller

A Solo Show of People & Places 
Nancy Willot

North Fork Skies 
Paintings by Artists of the North Fork

Paintings & Pottery 
Tom Lulevitch & Glenn McNab

Jurored Show by Jonathan Weiskopf 
VSOP Projects

Monotypes & More 
Mary Twomey

Photography Show – Islander
Chris Hamilton 

Guild Painters at the Library  
Old Town Arts & Guild 

Collages by Linda Plotkin

A New Wave of Modern Architecture on the North Fork
Group show featuring Architectural Firms. Orchestrated by Barry Bergdoll.

North Fork Light, Group Show. 
Juror: Jonathan Weiskopf, VSOP Projects

Robert Strimban

Light Painters, a North Fork Based Group

Cutting Edges, Donald Currie

Confessions of a Perennial Art Student, Saul Rosenstreich

Small Works, A Group Show of Local Artists

Flora & Fauna by Scott McIntire

Neighbors by North Fork Artists

Capturing Fleeting Moments by Elizabeth Nehls

The North Fork Artists

Paintings by Cathy Campbell

Paintings by Carol Halliburton

Paintings by Amy Worth

Farms & Barns